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A heartbroken man learns about his wife’s three-year affair with her twin brother

After discovering that his wife was cheating on him, a man shared his anger.

He explained how he was feeling. “absolute trust”Before making this heartbreaking discovery, he had already spoken to his sister and partner.

The fella posted on Reddit and claimed that he had written about how he felt. “hasn’t got a brother at this point”.

An anonymous man claimed that he discovered about the affair over three years two weeks ago because it was tearing him and his family apart.

He said: “I never imagined the two people I was closest to in this world would do something so vile and destructive.

“Six families are destroyed. My mother and other siblings are caught between the two.

Young woman cheating her husband
The man didn’t know anything between them

He also added: “I can’t imagine what they are feeling. My wife’s family is devastated as well.

“I loved her family and felt so honored to have been a part.”

The man said he never suspected anything between his partner and twin, and neither did his brother’s wife either.

He continued: “My wife and my twin had complete trust in me, so I didn’t have any reason to doubt them.

“They would play games together, I had zero issues with my twin and my wife being together.”

According to the man, his twin brother was his best man at his wedding three years ago when the affair started.

The couple purchased a house and started to work together.

Despite his wife’s apology, he is now completely lost and doesn’t know what to do.

Now, he feels like his entire family has been destroyed and will never feel the same way again.

He concluded: “We will never spend a holiday together, our 40th birthday is coming up. I feel like the biggest j*****s in the world.”

Man catches couple cheating
The discovery has left the husband devastated.

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He shared his startling discovery and the post received many comments. One even blasted the wife, twin, and the other.

One wrote: “She’s sorry? 3.5 years/42 months/ 3 years and 6 months of cheating.

“My only advice is to end all ties with them.”

Another added: “Your twin brother may be a mess, as there are some boundaries that you should never cross.

“My advice, stop speaking to your brother until you can truly forgive him. As far as your wife, unfortunately, she’s for the streets.”

A heartbroken man learns about his wife's three-year affair with her twin brother
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