A Few More Details About Chicago Fire Season 10, Episode 10!!


Chicago Fire season 10 release date | Cast, episodes, spoilers - Radio TimesIf you’re anything like us, chances are you’ll want a little more detail regarding: Chicago fire season 10, episode 10. Sadly, we’re in the midst of what’s an annual tradition: the holiday watch game. We’re lucky we had an episode in December in the first place, mainly because that’s not something we have year in, year out. That doesn’t mean waiting until January is that much easier, though.

So when could we get some more details about where things are going from here? Hopefully the answer here is “sooner rather than later”.

Based on when NBC releases press releases/synopses for some of their upcoming episodes, there’s a chance you’ll hear a bit more about it Chicago fire season 10 episode 10 sometime early next week. Same goes for both Chicago PD and Chicago Med.

As for what we expect there to be story-wise, the core of the series will most likely be Stella Kidd’s conversation with Kelly Severide. What happened while she was away on the East Coast? We know she might look at her career a little differently, so we have to wonder if that means she still wants the locomotive lieutenant position. (If you need a reminder, Episode 10 will premiere January 5 specifically.)

Then there’s another value issue: what will happen to Gallo, Ritter, and Violet after their success turns into failure. Just when they had the perfect brew, Ritter couldn’t remember the exact recipe and now they need another store to do their business. As you can imagine, this will pose quite a problem for them to move forward.


– Make sure to get even more news when it comes to Chicago Fire, including some other updates about the future

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