A Complete Guide For Buying Bubbler For Smoking

While the smoking enthusiasts already know what a bubbler is, the newbies need some assistance. While there are multiple smoking accessories in the market, bubblers have a different fanbase. It is a hand-held water pipe similar to bongs, yet different. They have elements like a bowl, mouthpiece, stem, and water chamber. Most of them come with fixed bowls. 

Some also have percolators that help in offering a smooth hit. A bubbler is an innovative combination that has revolutionized the smoking experience. It is more discreet and easy to use compared to big bongs. You can easily order them from an online head shop. You will be amazed to see the vast design options available online. 

Types of Bubblers 

Golden Glass Bubbler – This is it if you want something unique for your next smoking session. It will change color when used. It has a height of about 6″ and is made of borosilicate glass. The quality you receive at affordable rates in online shops is hard to beat. 

Matrix Bubbler – This is your pick if you want a quality filtration device. The filtration method ensures you receive a smooth hit. It has an 18mm, removable bowl and is around 7″ in length. You can get this in three colors – white, green, and blue. 

Double Chamber – The double chamber bubbler is the smoothest one. It has a percolator and is 8″ in height. The bubble mouthpiece with a bent back neck looks stunning. The spiral on each down stem chamber gives a unique look, and you are forced to add this to your cart at first glance. 

Starburst Bubbler – This multi-color spiral accessory is one of the best designed. It has a height of 6″ and looks highly stylish. You are sure to have a happy experience with this little smoking accessory. 

These are among the few bubblers you will find online; the list is enormous. Others include Gold Fumed Donut, Golden Hammer, Heady Eye-Clops, Rain Bubbler, etc. 

How Is A Bubbler Used? 

  • The first step is adding water to your bubbler pipe’s water chamber. You can take a quick drag to see if the constituent is in the right amount. Ensure there is enough water to produce bubbles. However, it should be too much that it splashes in the mouthpiece or bowl.
  • Once the water level is adequate, fill the bowl with cannabis and pack it. Do not pack it too tight like you do with regular spoons. Packing it too tight will obstruct good airflow. 
  • Now, it’s time to spark the herbs. You are supposed to hold the pipe in your mouth and ignite the herbs while you pull them inside via your lungs. The smoke will flow from the bowl to the water as you continue smoking. Several bubbles will be created in the process, eventually filtering the smoke.
  • Remove your finger or thumb from the carb hole when you are set to take a hit. Make use of your lungs to clear the chamber of the pipe. 

Final Thoughts 

Some people confuse themselves between bongs and bubblers. However, they are distinct. A bubbler is much smaller in size than a traditional bong. A bubble is highly portable and excellent to take from one place to another.

However, adding the right amount of water to the bubbler is key to getting a smooth hit. The water you add is highly dependent on the size of your accessory. Larger pieces will require more water than smaller ones. 

There are numerous products available online. Research well and ensure you purchase from a reliable site. Read a few reviews to identify the authenticity of an online shop, and you are set to buy. 

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