What Were Avengers Doing When Everything Collapsed? – Story Explained!


MCU’s “Eternals” was packed with action, brilliant cinematography and a stunning storyline. However, there were some loopholes in this story that raised questions that still remain unanswered. One of the central questions is, “Why don’t the Avengers help during the Emergence event?” Didn’t they know about these attacks? What were they doing when everything collapsed? Here are some possible explanations for these questions!

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When the first attacks happened, they made quite a bit of noise. Not only was the attack shown very publicly, it was also widely reported in the media. In addition, the attack also took place in London, a very important city. So in the midst of all these factors, it was impossible for the incident to go unnoticed.

The emergence came after eight months of Endgame. Unfortunately, this is also almost the same time as Spiderman’s “Far From Home”. This means that the hero may have been fighting Mysterio and some other evils. Unfortunately, he cannot be held responsible for not helping with the turnout crisis.

Far From Home also gives us the whereabouts of some other Avengers. For example, we know that Captain Marvel and Thor were unavailable because they were aliens. Unfortunately, Doctor Strange was also unavailable.

The self-imposed isolation may explain the Scarlet Witch’s absence after WandaVision.

Sam Wilson, on the other hand, is a hero who should have been there. However, given the events of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” which took place two months before the emergence, it’s safe to assume he had a lot on his plate and had to limit his attention to the US.

Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings also show some of the whereabouts of certain avengers. Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, etc. were all still connected and trying to stay united through their committee.

War Machine was also lacking in the whole context. Is he preparing for the Armor Wars? Possibly.

Most of it we don’t know for sure. However, we can still make assumptions about why these gaps were not filled. Marvel has created some brilliant content for phase four, but we need some bridges between all the Avengers to understand the entire context of the films.

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