9xMovies 2021 Website : Download Full HD Bollywood & Hollywood Movies – Is it safe to use?


9xMovies is the type of online platform which offers a free download of movies in just 300MB. This website falls under the category of sites that supports piracy. 9xMovies all latest movies, shows, and web series in its online site within some hours from the theatrical release. 9xMovies is being used since the last 8-10 years. 

Besides the collection of Hindi and English movies, 9xMovies also uploads Tamil videos which are incorporated on the website for free download. Other regional language-based films are also available in 9xMovies like Malayalam, and Telugu films. 

According to the latest reports and speculations, the film industry suffers a loss of around $3 billion annually because of such piracy websites like 9xMovies, Tamilrockers, Tamilyogi, and many more.  

History Of 9xMovies 

9xMovies started at the period when tickets of movies were rising, and people faced problems in watching their favorite movies. 9xMovies gave them a unique platform that enabled them to view their films with ease. People can enjoy their movies and shows on this website for free. There are other types of sites also present on the web, but 9xMovies are different from them in many regards. The website does not ask about any confidential data from its users during the streaming of movies and shows. Anyone can download their desired movies and shows from 9xMovies and watch them for free. 

The users of this website can easily stream online movies and shows with no expense of effort. Moreover, the 9xMovies do not ask to sign up or create an account from its users; the users can effortlessly enjoy their favorite genres of movies and shows. 9xMovies offers its films and shows download in HD quality with excellent watching experience of versions 1080p and 720p. 

How Does 9xMovies Website Work? 

9xMovies does not require any type of sign up and account creation. Anyone who desires to watch movies and shows can visit the website and click on the relevant one and start streaming or downloading it for free. Besides, the download of movies and shows, 9xMovies also offers download of TV serials and reality shows in regional languages. As it is a pirated website, it keeps on changing its domain names to prevent itself from being caught by the government. The site also hosts Hindi dubbed movies, and English dubbed movies in it. 

9xMovies Website URL 2021

The website is an illegal website that leaks copyrighted movies and series in various languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English, Bengali, and many more. 9xMovies earned millions of users and therefore was banned by the government due to which the website kept changing its domain. Some of the new active domains of 9xMovies are:- 

  • 9xMovies.com
  • 9xMovies.in
  • 9xMovies.org
  • 9xMovies.press
  • 9xMovies.guru
  • 9xMovies.net


Recent Movies Leaked By 9xMovies 

The website is quite notorious in uploading all new releases of movies just after their theatrical release. Many videos are leaked by 9xMovies within a few hours of their accustomed release in theatres. Recent leaks of movie names are as follows: 

  • Kabir Singh
  • Bharat 
  • Chhappak
  • War
  • Street dancer 
  • Bala 
  • Darbar 
  • Radhe 
  • Gul Makai 
  • Panga 
  • Jawaani Janeman 
  • Jackpot 
  • The Lion King 
  • Dear Comrade 
  • Arjun Patiala 
  • John Wick 
  • Kadaram Kondan 
  • Guna 369
  • Spider-man: Far From Home. 
  • Baahubali 2 
  • Avengers: Endgame 
  • Robot 2 

Is It Safe To Access 9xMovies Website? 

No, it is not at all safe as 9xMovies comes under pirated websites that are banned in India. Watching or downloading movies and shows from the pirated websites is considered a crime by the Indian government as it is against the anti-piracy law.

Piracy of movies and shows is termed as an offense that is strictly banned in the country due to legal issues. Downloading videos from uncopyrighted sources does not hold good, and people should avoid these types of websites. By downloading movies and shows from pirated websites, people are supporting their unlawful business. 

Is It Legal To Use 9xMovies? 

Downloading or watching movies and shows from pirated websites are not termed as legal because they come under anti-piracy law of government. If anyone caught watching or downloading movies and shows from these types of pirated websites or 9xMovies, he or she could be held guilty for the crime. The Indian government has authorized that individual harshly on the grounds of crime. So people who want to enjoy their movies and shows can go for other legal alternatives. 

Alternatives For 9xMovies 

It is always preferred to stream movies on legit sources like Amazon, Hotstar, Netflix, and many more. As 9xMovies is not a legalized platform for the streaming of movies and shows, so people should avoid using such sites for live streaming and downloading. The various alternatives are listed below: 

Categories / Genres Of Movies Leaked By 9xMovies

9xMovies site is the hub of many types of movies and shows which are listed on the site for downloading and live streaming for free. Website accounts for many blockbusters and hit movies that are difficult to find somewhere else. Besides this, 9xMovies also leaks many regional language category movies and shows on its website. 

The various categories of movies 9xMovies site leaks are listed as follows: 

  • Malayalam movies in HD 
  • English movies in HD 
  • Telugu movies in HD 
  • Urdu movies in HD 
  • Gujarati movies in HD 
  • Hindi dubbed movies in HD 
  • Tamil movies in HD 
  • Kannada movies in HD

The movie’s quality is high as it releases its content in full HD version. The movie’s files are 300mkv.

Specialties of 9xMovies 

9xMovies holds many unique specialties or features which are only found on this website. They keep on upgrading their features according to needs. Some of the specialties of 9xMovies are listed below: 

  • The website includes many movies such as Tamil movies, Telugu movies, English movies, Kannada movies, Malayalam movies, and many more. These movies are free to download and watch. 
  • No popup ads come during the live streaming of movies and shows in the 9xMovies site. 
  • The website is mobile-friendly and can be easily used by anyone. 
  • 9xMovies provides movie download in just 300mkv version in HD quality which is better than any other website of this genre. 
  • Anyone can download their favorite pictures from this website at a fast speed as compared to another website. 
  • 9xMovies also offers multiple language audios for its users. Gujarati, Urdu, Spanish, Hindi, Telugu languages are offered for switching audios on the website. 
  • Several TV serials can also be streamed in the 9xMovies website in HD quality. 

Why Not Use 9xMovies?

There are many reasons to avoid using 9xMovies, first of all, it is not a legal website. there are very strict government policies for websites that leak copyrighted films and series. Secondly, the moviemakers put in a lot of effort to make the movies, and when it gets leaked it effects the produces badly and hinders the promotion. 

The cybercrime bureau has tried to catch the person running the pirated website but it is difficult to trace who exactly is behind it. there have been few attempts of blocking the website in the past but it kept working under different domains which made it even more difficult to trace the culprit. 

if you are using piracy websites like 9xMovies you are encouraging illegal websites. it is always better to go by the law and stay away from using such illegal websites as it is a punishable offense. the website has also been blocked from Google.  


We, as a respected firm, do not support any kind of this stuff. The above-written content is just for making everyone aware of these websites such as 9xMovies which are illegal and not safe at all. Avoid these types of websites for downloading and watching purposes as these are against the law, and we do not support this.


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