9xflix Website 2021 – South Hindi Dubbed HD New Movies Online – is it Legal?

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We love and take interest in watching movies. Especially in theatres, we go to watch the latest movies and web series. Well, entertainment is also one of the important parts of our life. It is very important to refresh the mind and know more about the activities happening in the world. 

But sometimes we are unable to go to theatres and watch movies. At that time we go through pirated sites or third-party websites or apps. So we have done the research and found the best online platform that offers to download and stream movies online without paying a single rupee.

9xflix Website 2021 - South Hindi Dubbed HD New Movies Online - is it Legal?

About 9xflix

9xflix is another website on the internet that offers us all the latest Hollywood Movies, Bollywood Movies, Punjabi Movies, Telugu Movies, and 18+ Movies. At first, I would like to tell you that 9xflix is the pirated site that is against our rules and regulations made by our country. The quality content is the main motto of 9xflix. Also, this site is famous to offer content in different languages and different picture quality.

By the way, 9xflix has made downloading and watching movies easy and affordable. We just need an internet connection and a preferred movie named to download. All the content uploaded to 9xflix is free to stream and download to your phone or pc storage. Well, this is a big point to remember this site but we shouldn’t forget this is a pirated site and all the content uploaded to this site is copied. 

The IP address of 9xflix is The 9xflix is operated from San Francisco, CA, USA and Internet Service Provider (ISP) of 9xflix is Cloudflare. 9xflix is a website that provides you with films and encourages privacy. It provides pirated content and is thus banned by most ISPs.

The user interface of this site is very cool and easy to use. Any people who have less knowledge of the internet can also download movies from 9xflix. Just go through this article you will be well known about this website. 

How Does 9xflix Work?

First, we will discuss the networks of these pirated sites. These pirated sites work on the base of Torrent Bay. Torrent Bay is the network of the torrent site which allows the pirated sites to be operated with changing or diverting Ip Addresses. So why it is very hard to catch or trace the operators of pirated sites.

Let discuss now the using steps of this website. Hence it is very happy to watch or download movies from 9xflix pirated site. Just we have too to the desire section of movies like Hollywood, Bollywood, etc and scroll down until you get your desire movie. Or you can use a search bar to search your movie with proper keyword. After that just find the best link to download your movie. Sonner, it will be stored in your storage of your pc or phone.

Is 9xflix Legal?

Well, this site s prated as we discussed earlier. I hope you all know that piracy is banned in our country. According to the Piracy Act 1990 of our country, copying content without a copyright license is a crime. So all these pirated sites offenses the Pirated Act and other rules and regulations of our country.

Also, the government has announced whoever caught browsing or streaming movies on pirated sites can treat under violation of the Piracy Act. He/she will be jailed for 6 months and fined up to 1 lakhs for breaking this law. SO please try to avoid 9xflix to download movies.

Is it safe to use 9xflix?

According to us and our team, it is unsafe to download or stream movies from 9xflix. There is a legal risk as we have discussed earlier which can treat you as a criminal. This can hurt you and your family too. 

Also, there are thousands of viruses and malware present in the server of 9xflix which can make your device dead or also steal your private data. SO please try to be safe from such pirated sites.

Alternatives of 9xflix

Thousands of websites are pirating the newly released movies worldwide. Well, it is not good to use these sites but there is also competition among pirated sites. We have selected dome sites that fulfill user requirements. Some of them are mentioned below.


All the sites with no copyright license are illegal and we and our team never suggest our reader visit any pirated site like 9xflix. It will be all yours if you get stuck in any problems. So try to help the government to knock them out. Be safe mank people safe.


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