9 Actionable Ways To Improve Cricket Batting

If you want to improve your batting style and enhance your performance in the field. You must follow the instructions of your batting consultant and coach. These are ways that can help you to upgrade your batting style. So, if you are seeking battings tips then you are at the right place.

As you know, there is a renowned saying that practice makes a man perfect. It applies in every sport as it does matter in cricket. You must keep upgrading your skills by practicing more and more.

You need the best bat, knowledge of cricket, and a lot of practice. You can copy the batting style of any legendary player or your favorite batter. The batting skills of those extraordinary players will surely help you out. 

9 Actionable Ways To Improve Cricket Batting

Let’s discuss the tips that can help you to improve your batting style without any delay.

1. Observe the Ball

If you have a strong desire to be a great batsman then this is a basic thing that you must remember and follow. You have to focus on the ball. You must observe the grip, start-up, run-up, and delivery of the bowler.

You need to keenly watch the grip and delivery of the bowler. You must observe the ball in motion will help you to predict where the ball might fall on the pitch and take a turn either in swing or out swing. You cannot afford to lose your attention. You also need the same level of observation while you playing the best online casino.

2. Ability to Predict the Ball

You must be skillful enough that you are able to predict the delivery whether it might be in york, inswing, outswing, or reverse swing against the pacer. In the spell of spin bowler, you must be quite smart to play against ‘Googly’ and ‘Doosra’ against leg spinner and off-spinner respectively. Your ability to predict the delivery will help you a lot to make a decision and play outstanding shots in the field.

3. Grip on a Bat 

This is one of the significant tips that you need to always remember. You must hold the bat in such a way that there should be enough gap for your wrist to play shots easily. You must not lose your grip on a bat.

4. Focus on Your Footwork

To Be able to strike efficiently, you have to adjust your position of feet with the line and length of the ball. Always remember that your feet’ position should be in line with bowlers. This tip will help you to play a shot better.

5. Stay Calm Your Mind 

You have to cool down your brain to make a better decision matter what situation is surrounding you. You need to calm down and not make sentimental decisions to strike a sho \if you want to stay calm during batting, you can perform well.

6. Always Hire a Professional Trainer

The professional trainer matters a lot when you want to learn batting skills. No doubt, professional trainers are expensive to hire. But they play an important role in your overall batting skills. When you practice under the skilled trainer, you learn the nuisance of the batting. These things have a lot of impact on the field. 

7. Use a Mirror While Practicing

Practice is the key to success in every sport. This is the secret behind every success. It is vital to avoid mistakes and evaluate your batting to practice in front of the mirror. So you will be able to prevent your mistakes.

8. Take Stance Position

You need to find your stance position. This is one of the important tips that we are giving you. If you take a comfortable stance position then you can wait and make a decision when the bowler is throwing the ball. So you do not feel stressed in the field.

9. Strike the Ball Straight in Practice Session

If you want to be a good batter and give performance in the match. You must try to strike a ball straight in the practice session. Do not play versatile shots or cross-batted shots unless you can play straight shots. Otherwise, you will not progress in the game


To conclude, if you want to master batting, you must know the best techniques to hit a ball in the field. You must know how to grip the bat and batting stance. You must be able to predict the ball and delivery to execute your shot effectively. If you practice more and more, you can be the best batsman of an average player.

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