86 Season 3 Is Finally Coming!! Here Is The Release Date, Where To Watch & More!! 

The whole anime world eagerly awaits the release of 86 seasons 3. Coming under the direction of Toshimasa Ishii, the fans were obsessed with the first two seasons of the military science fiction and are now craving more. 

Eighty-six premiered back in April 2021 and ended in March 2022. It is a dystopian anime set in San Magnolia, where the government deploys unmanned drones to fight a battle against the Empire while concealing the fact that the drones are piloted by the Eighty-Sixers, who are considered expendable. Shin, one of the Eighty-Sixers, encounters Lena, a privileged-class handler who questions the government’s treatment of them. Shin and his buddies continue to battle in the war as Lena works to ameliorate their living conditions. The anime delves into subjects such as discrimination, war, and justice. It was praised for its plot, characters, and animation.

So, after the bombastic two seasons, the fans are wondering about season 3. But when will it debut? Here is all we know. 

86 Season 3 Release Date 

86 Season 3

There is no official notification about the 86 Season 2 release date. However, according to reports, the production house, A-1 Pictures, will drop some major updates about 86 season 3 in the summer of 2023. 

86 Season 3 Spoilers 

Sadly, there are no solid leaks about 86 seasons 3, as of now. However, we know that the story is adapted from the Eighty-Six Light Novels. So, the new season will most likely pick up the plot from the fourth volume, titled “Underpressure.” 

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