7 Surprising Stats about Gambling Industry

Casino gambling is one of the most popular hobbies that people from all around the world have. Gamblers are people of all walks of life. The fact that there are so many gamblers from all around the world, as well as the fact that there are thousands of casino games means that the online gambling industry is thriving like never before. The casino industry is far from going under even in a time of a global pandemic.

That being said, the casino industry is not without its fair share of fun statistics – some of which are pretty surprising. Below, you can find the most important and unusual gambling statistics as reported by independent agencies like Statista.

Interesting Gambling Statistics

More than 1.20% of the global gambling-eligible population has engaged in gambling

Now, the 1.20% rate doesn’t seem like a big deal. However, once you realize the sheer magnitude of the number of living people, you would come to understand that 1.20% is actually a huge number of people. Of course, the official numbers only cover the adult population, even though we understand that in some countries around the world, even underage patrons are allowed to gamble.

With the advent of the online casino industry, we expect that the number of gamblers will constantly rise as the gambling market size increases. But even regular casinos like those in Las Vegas, Nevada, share a trend of an increased absolute number of visitors.

Just 3.70% of the population in the USA are online gambling patrons

This is a very surprising statistic, given the fact that internet gambling is an extremely popular form of gambling. It appears that the population of the United States prefers a much more hands-on approach to gambling. After all, there are major differences between playing slot machines, roulette, baccarat, blackjack and other table games in online casinos and in real casinos.

Though, we have to mention that this trend is not observed all around the world. For example, the prevalence and percentage of people that prefer online gambling to land-based gambling in the United Kingdom of Great Britain, is nearly 17%.

Half of the revenue of Macau is gambling revenue

Macau is perhaps best known as a gambling haven, away from the stringent anti-gambling policies of mainland China. This has brought millions of USD in gaming revenue. In fact, the exact number of gaming revenue for Macau is about $38 billion. We can only speculate as to the exact casino revenues in Macau. Macau benefits from being a special administrative province with its own laws and regulations. We suppose that it’s hard to give up on all that gambling-related revenue and implement gambling bans like the rest of China.

Around 6% of college students experience compulsive-gambling problems and gambling addiction

College students seem to have it worse when it comes to gambling problems and gambling addiction. Of course, we’re not just talking about casino gambling here. There are also other types of gambling, such as wagering bets on sporting events where gamblers can exhibit problematic gambling behavior. Respondents say that gambling activities play an important part of their lives – perhaps more important than they should be.

With the legalization of gambling under many jurisdictions and the growth of the number of casinos and sportsbooks around the world, we expect that problematic gambling behavior will only exacerbate and more and more people will experience having gambling losses in commercial casinos and on sports betting.

There were 42 million recorded visitors of Las Vegas

With gambling havens opening up or about to open up in New Jersey, New York, on Florida and all across the world, even in Australia – Las Vegas, Nevada, remains one of the most popular gambling destinations around the world. In fact, according to Statista, more than 42 million individual visitors have been recorded in this gambling haven.

Since Las Vegas is a place where gambling is completely legal, with the blessing of the gambling commission, with many providers of gambling games in luxury hotel-casinos, it’s one of the best places in the world to be in if you’re a fan of any form of gambling.

Australian gamblers spend more than $18 billion on gambling annually

It seems that Australian people have a great propensity towards gambling. And it’s easy to see why – gambling is legal all over Australia, with casino operators being allowed to advertise their establishments. Moreover, statistics show that Australia holds more than 20% of all the slot machines in the world. Let this sink in. With this trend, we expect that many more people will be attracted to gambling in Australia – and with it, unfortunately, the number of problem gamblers will grow, too.

The global gambling market in 2021 was estimated at $287.43 billion

As you can see, the gambling industry is not about to let up any time soon. Do you think that $287.43 billion in market value is a lot? Well, current trends show that the size will grow to $458.93 billion in 2022. This is a statistic that will likely not have a lot of influence on regular gamblers. However, we can all admire the incredible growth of the gambling and sports betting industries.

The Fascinating World of Gambling

There’s no doubt in our minds that we’ve only scratched the surface of what the gambling industry is about. If you were to do some more research, you will undoubtedly find lots of other surprising and fascinating statistics related to the gaming industry. We expect that the gambling statistics will become even more outlandish and fascinating as time goes by, in the near future.

Regardless of your opinion on the subject, we urge you to take gambling seriously and gamble responsibly – as gambling addiction can be a real problem for some people. But if you enjoy gambling casually, as a hobby of yours, then rest assured, the world of gambling is bright at present and has an even brighter future.

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