7 Frequently Asked Questions About Cricket Betting Predictions


The cricket season in India is back with a bang, though the boom is not as loud. The IPL took its time to start, but it finally did, though far in the UAE without any audience to cheer the teams on. The cricketing fans, though, don’t have to lose heart. They can still enjoy the live broadcast sitting at home and wish their teams luck through social media. They can also bet on their chosen teams at Cricket-Betting.in and stand to get some monetary benefit out of the cricket season.

But if you do not know how to predict for a bet, you could be at a loss, unless you ask questions and get answers. Below are some frequently asked questions about the predictions for cricket matches. Hope the answers help.

What information do I need to predict the results of a match?

First, you need to know the players in the team – their strengths, weaknesses and the form at the time of the match. You will also need to understand how the pitch and weather conditions work to alter the game.

What are the factors that affect a match?

It all depends on how fit the players are and how well they have been playing. The humidity in the air and the conditions of the pitch are the factors that cannot be controlled and make a big difference. Other factors to be considered are the team’s past performances on the ground and the support of the crowd.

What can I place a bet on?

It will depend on the website you choose for betting. You can bet on the winner, score, number of boundaries, leading wicket-taker, leading scorer, the man of the match and many more. Some websites have numerous options for placing a bet giving you more opportunities for winning. For instance, in the IPL 2020 taking place in the UAE, you a can bet on the top 4 teams, tournament winner, the two finals teams, top scoring bastsman and top bowler, as well as around 50 different bets per match.

Which websites can I use for betting?

In India, there are many websites that you can choose from, such as 10cric, 1Xbet, 22bet, 888sports, Dafabet, Spinsports and more. You can bet on your favourite teams for the matches going on around the world. They offer a variety of parameters to bet on. The members of these portals also get benefits in terms of bonuses on registration. 

How much money can I win?

It will depend on the odds of winning on the website you choose. It will also depend on whether your prediction is right. The odds on a website depend upon the probability of a cricket team winning and the activity in favour of a team. If your team wins, you will get paid according to the amount you have wagered. If you have bet ₹100 on a team with odds 1.65 and your team wins, you will get ₹165. If they lose, you lose ₹100. If you have bet on the team that has lower chances of winning, and they win, the returns will be higher.

Which bets give better returns?

If you have to choose a bet that has multiple outcomes, each will have a certain probability attached to it. If you are confident of winning the bet even though the odds are not in favour, you can make good money. But there is also high risk because any one of the outcomes could be the winning one. In contrast, for a bet that has only two possible effects, the chance of choosing the right one is 50%, even though the odds may not be.

Where can I get information on betting odds?

While each betting website has its own set of odds for each bet, you can get a comprehensive view of the odds from all websites on Cricket-Betting.in. While you place a bet here, you can use the links provided to visit a website of your choice. You can choose to register on more than one website to get more options when choosing to bet on the game.

Cricket betting is not just a source of fun and excitement; it is a test of your understanding of the game. Your knowledge and luck both play a significant role in helping you win. Hope the questions and their answers will prove helpful in your betting venture.


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