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7 football teams that have won the most Premier League titles

Manchester City is the latest Premier League champion, but which team is the real king of this football league? According to the rules of the Premier League, there will be 20 big teams registered to participate in the league. And among them, here is a list of 7 football teams that have won the most Premier League titles up to 2020.

Manchester United

Up to 2020, Manchester United is the top Premier League championship team. With a total of 20 championships, Manchester United deserves to be the best team in the UK. Manchester United is also the most traditional rich team in this country. Since the Premier League was established, Manchester United has affirmed its strength with 13 times to win the championship.

And after being led by coach Alex Ferguson, from an anonymous team, according to Asian Sport betting website top10nhacaiviet.com, Manchester United gradually became one of the best Premier League teams. However, since Alex Ferguson resigned in 2013, Manchester United has never won the Premier League again. Even recently, Manchester United has appeared with the image of struggling in the races for the top position.


With a total of 18 championships from 1900 to 2020, Liverpool ranks second among the teams that have won the most Premier League titles. Liverpool is considered a rival team of Manchester United when they have only one less championship. 

However, unlike Manchester United, Liverpool has been close to many semifinals and Premier League finals instead of having to leave from qualifiers. Especially in 2019-2020, Liverpool once again won the Premier League, reaffirming the position of the team.


Arsenal football club ranks 3rd in the top teams to win the Premier League most with 13 times being the champion. Throughout the seasons, this team also achieved many records. Among them, the most outstanding achievement to mention is Arsenal’s three consecutive coronation times from 1997 to 2004. Arsenal was unbeaten in 38 consecutive rounds of 3 seasons, holding a record that no team has surpassed. However, since 2004, Arsenal has never won another championship due to the loss of many important strikers.


Everton, despite being a small team, has created many miracles when winning 9 times in the Premier League. Everton is known by many people when it succeeds in stopping many of the world’s football giants. However, after many years, the team’s performance tended to decline. Up to now, this team is ranked only in the mid-range of the Premier League clubs.

Aston Villa

A name that few people expect when it comes to the top Premier League teams is Aston Villa. The team ranked runner-up in the first Premier League season and won the league 7 times.

Aston Villa has received a lot of expectations from professionals, but their performance is always precarious. Until now, they are temporarily classified into the group of weak clubs. As of last season, this club was only ranked 5th in the league, marking the return of a 3-year absence.


Sunderland, also known as Black Cat, comes in 6th place with 6 times winning the Premier League. Most of those times, however, was in the beginning when the Premier League was first formed. After financial problems, Sunderland did not have much of a hold on its glory until it was acquired in 1995. In terms of performance, they have not really maintained their ability to play well.

Manchester City

Despite having won 6 Premier League titles and being a strong international team, Manchester City only ranks seventh on this list. Their performance was not so impressive since they struggled to win in many matches. However, since being led by Pep Guardiola, Manchester City have made many amazing changes with successive successes. They won the Premier League three times in a row, the FA Cup and the League Cup.

Recently, Man City is considered to be the strongest English club. Under the guidance of talented coach Pep Guardiola, Man City continuously reaped achievements and won many great awards. Typically, they reach the 100 point mark and are the only club to do this in the Premier League up to now.


Above is the list of 7 football teams that have won the most Premier League titles. We hope the readers now have the most authentic view of the Premier League championship teams.

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