5 Most Watched Tollywood Teasers Of All Time – RRR and Pushpa On Top

The Indian Entertainment and film-making industry have been ranked as number one, regarding the number of movies made per year. The fact is actually 100% accurate with all the regional film industries also coming up and making their mark nationwide as well as globally.

The Tollywood industry is no far behind Bollywood, the industry has been producing some of the best and most entertaining storylines ever with an out-of-the-box plot, they do ensure to maximize their visions and work every time. So here is a list of the most-watched teasers of the most-watched Tollywood movies ever.

RRR Pushpa

5 Most Watched Tollywood Teasers Of All Time

  1. Ramaraju #RamarajuforBheem – The movie has been one of the most talked-about movies of the year, with a plot cherishing and glorifying the immortal freedom fighters of the country, this movie was bound to rank no.1 with its teaser crossing 50.45 million views+.

2. Pushpa – The Allu Arjun thriller action starter managed to cross a whopping., 50.04 million views and counting

3. Akhanda – The fantasy-based drama action, the thriller has all you need and the teaser has crossed 45.90 million views and counting.

4. Ramaraju #BheemforRamaraju – Once again the latest teaser for the most-awaited Telugu movie of 2021. The teaser crossed a whopping 44.0 million views and counting

5. Sarileru Neekevvaru –  Uncovering the life of an army major the teaser for the film has crossed, 33.80 million views.