5 Factors Driving the Growth of the Mobile Gaming Industry in India

Constant advancement of technology has improved the lives of people. A lot of industries in India, including the gaming industry, have adapted to the digital way of life. Mobile gaming has touched new heights with a huge number of people signing up on mobile gaming apps every day.

The mobile gaming market is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, especially in India. According to a recent report by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), along with Kantar IMRB in association with POKKT, India is among the five biggest mobile gaming markets in the world. In the past few years, mobile games have become the top choice as a source of entertainment for a large number of people.

5 Factors Driving the Growth of the Mobile Gaming Industry in India

Among online mobile games, skills games like solitaire card games are very popular, especially with those who love card games and other traditional games. Before we talk about the factors driving the growth of India’s mobile gaming industry, let us take a look at the size of the mobile gaming market in India.

Statista, a popular statistical survey portal, has estimated that India’s mobile gaming market will be worth 2.4 billion US dollars by 2020. The popularity of mobile gaming is rapidly increasing in India, with 4 out of 5 Indian players enjoying mobile games twice a day. It has also been observed that Indian gamers spend about an hour gaming on their mobile phones every day, which seems higher than the average of 45 minutes a day spent on Netflix and other streaming platforms.

The mobile gaming revenue for 2020 is estimated to be around 1 billion dollars. Mattias Berghed, CEO of ENV Media, said, “The number of searches for mobile games has skyrocketed in the past 6 months.” Indian players prefer to play traditional games like ludo and card games on their mobile phones, instead of using traditional devices like desktops.

The major reason for the popularity of mobile gaming is its easy accessibility and the portability of mobile phones. Recognized as one of the best sources of entertainment, mobile gaming has seen huge growth as a result of new technologies. Below are some gaming industry trends and factors driving the growth of mobile gaming in India:

  1. The rise of mini-games

Mini-games have been gaining popularity in recent times. Such games are being installed and played regularly by Indians. They encourage the spirit of competition and are easy to share among friends. They also help in user retention and engagement.

  1. The growing popularity of real money games

Real money games have been gaining momentum and are becoming more and more popular with each passing day. Gaming platforms like Solitaire Gold give away real money in prizes to winners of cash games on their platform. Such games give players an opportunity to have productive entertainment. As skill games like solitaire are protected legally by the Constitution of India, Indian players can play skill games for money without worrying about their legality.

  1. The decline of gaming consoles

Games that require gaming consoles to play are upgraded with every new release. Despite the improvements on the devices, the sales of such games seem to have declined in recent times. The reason for this decline is not the quality of the consoles, but the existence of alternate games that require only a mobile phone. With the entry of traditional card games in online gaming, most skill game lovers download their favorite card game/skill game onto their mobiles and enjoy hassle-free gaming anytime, anywhere. For example, one can just go for a solitaire game download and enjoy gaming around the clock anywhere. As consoles are less convenient, their popularity is declining sharply.

  1. The abundance of age-friendly mobile games

The best feature of a large number of mobile games is that they can cater to people of different age groups. There are plenty of games online that are not restricted to a certain age group. Mobile games come in the form of puzzles, adventures, racing, etc. These games are not too complicated and can be played by anyone. Such age-friendly mobile games have now become a new trend that keeps people from different walks of life and different age groups engaged.

  1. The growth of cloud-based gaming

The development of cloud-based games is on the rise nowadays. A lot of companies are investing in cloud technology as it has the potential to yield big benefits. Cloud-based games help in visualizing games with the help of social media integration and competitive playing elements.  


Mobile gaming has become popular in India and its popularity is growing exponentially, thanks to the mobile revolution in the country and the easy accessibility of these games. Mobile games have been downloaded about 7.7 billion times in India. The fast growing number of smartphone and internet users in the country is going to take the Indian mobile gaming industry to the next level in the coming years.

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