5 Bollywood Stars You Probably Didn’t Know Have Side Jobs


Many famous people around the world have side gigs or sponsor deals. Even though they’re successful in what they primarily do, in their spare time, they are involved in different causes and promotions. It’s not unusual to see huge stars in commercials or even start their own companies. This is also the case with quite a few popular Bollywood stars. It may surprise you, but these stars from India have interesting side gigs and it seems like they are excellent at it.

Arjun Rampal – catering business

You probably know that Arjun Rampal is an Indian film actor, producer, screenwriter, and a model, but did you know he’s also a very good entrepreneur? His acting career started back in 2001, and he’s still working on some exciting projects. This handsome actor also had the role of a judge in a dancing show. When it comes to his business skills, they’re quite impressive. His lounge-bar-restaurant in Delhi is very popular, and his event management company is also doing very well.

Sunny Leone – Jeetwin ambassador

Sunny Leone is a movie star in Bollywood, her real name is Karenjit Kaur Vohra. This gorgeous 39-years old actress has many talents and people love seeing her on the big screen. She was a part of activism campaigns related to fighting cancer and the ethical treatment of animals. Lately, she is also included in promoting online casino games, by working for Jeetwin, as reported by this site, JeetWin designed a slot game called “Bollywood Diva” in her honor and they are more than satisfied with her work as a brand ambassador.

Malaika Arora – fashion website

Malaika Arora is a well-known Indian actress and film producer. The audience is used to seeing her on TV, since she was a VJ for a long time. This stunning lady was also a model for a long time, and it seems like her passion for fashion turned into a side job. She created an online fashion website, The Label Life, and is still running it. This collaboration with Bipasha Basu and Sussanne Khan was very successful.

Akshay Kumar – shopping channel

5 Bollywood Stars You Probably Didn’t Know Have Side Jobs

Akshay Kumar is a Canadian actor, producer, and TV personality working in Bollywood films. His real name is Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia, and he received a lot of eminent awards in his long-lasting career. You will be surprised to hear that he is a co-owner of Best Deal TV. This successful shopping channel was created in collaboration with Raj Kundra. This talented and experienced actor is also an owner of a production house Hari Om Entertainment.

Madhuri – online dance academy

5 Bollywood Stars You Probably Didn’t Know Have Side Jobs

Madhuri Dixit Nene is an Indian actress, producer, and television personality, born in 1967 and present in Bollywood for over thirty years. You all know that this beauty is a dancing queen of Bollywood, but you may not know that she turned her love to dancing into a side-job. She opened an online dance academy, called Dance With Madhuri, and she is doing a great job teaching people how to dance and stay fit at the same time.


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