5 Best Plants That Will Surely Make Your Garden Glow

Starting your garden is probably one of the best things to do. To grow some beautiful plants in your garden, one must know the basics. But growing plants is easier than you think! Getting your hands a little dirty can even give you incredible health benefits.  

Many people consider having a garden to enhance one’s home. If you are also finding a new hobby, gardening can be the best thing for you to do. Once you have started doing it, you will never have to stop. You can enjoy its beauty and enjoy a healthier life at the same time. 

5 Best Plants That Will Surely Make Your Garden Glow

Anyone can find it difficult the first time. But you don’t have to worry much because some plants can make it more manageable for you. Enjoy growing these best plants that will surely make your garden glow. 

1. Hydrangea

Probably one of the most appealing plants is the hydrangea. Its stunning presence can surely make any garden more special. They commonly grow during summer and spring. Despite its beauty, the hydrangea is pretty easy to grow. They can even grow tall up to fifteen feet. When is the best time to plant a hydrangea? 

For many gardeners, fall is the best time to plant a hydrangea or two, along with other flowering plants. It is also preferable to plant them during the morning or late afternoon. During these times, you can make sure that you protect the plant from possible heat stress. Although hydrangeas love the warm morning sun, they dislike the afternoon sun. 

Make sure you plant them on moist soil with much organic material. Newly planted hydrangea should be watered regularly as well. 

2. Sweet Alyssum

Sweet alyssum flowers are known because of their lively fragrance. They can surely provide you with bright color blooms during milder climates. The sweet alyssums are heat and drought tolerant. They can be best in borders, planters, dry zones, and even in hanging baskets. As they are small plants, they can only grow three to six inches tall. 

The sweet alyssum flowers can come in pink, purple, white, and yellow. Just like any other plant, this plant requires moist but well-drained soil. Remember to choose a location where they can get full sun. Moreover, the sweet alyssum can also tolerate partial shade. The sweet smell of the alyssum makes it the best plant to grow beside seating areas outside your home. 

3. Sedum

One of the easiest plants to grow is the sedum. It is super easy to take care of that even people with not much knowledge can succeed. They can tolerate full sun and even bad soil. Thus, they only need very little care and attention. The sedum can go well in garden areas with too much sun or with too little water. 

The sedum is also called the stonecrop. Just like the stones, although they only require little care, they can still live longer. They can grow from eight centimeters to three feet as the tallest. Furthermore, the sedums are also used as ground covers in rock gardens or other outdoor landscapes.

4. Catmint

If you want an aromatic yet attractive herb plant, catmint is the best for you! They produce blooms in lavender-blue, excellent color for any garden. Just like any other plant on the list, the catmint is also easy to grow. This plant is even suitable near the vegetables in your garden. Afraid of insects ruining your garden? There’s no need to worry much. Catmints are also insect-proof.

Catmints can do well in the sun and even in partial shade. They also prefer averagely well-drained soil to grow. If you have dry garden areas, catmints are still best to grow as they are heat and drought tolerant. To get the best results, plant the catmint during the spring season. Water them regularly until they are well established. Expect catmints to bloom in summer and fall.

5. Angelonia

An angelonia plant is a delicate and can’t-miss plant in your garden. They can come in different colors in the rainbow, showering your garden with a pop of colors! These easy-to-grow plants are also called the summer snapdragons. The angelonia resembles small snapdragons during summer and continues to bloom in fall. 

Another thing that makes the angelonia more interesting is its smell. Most people think it smells like an apple. They can grow up to eighteen inches tall. The angelonia is best in borders or any areas where its blooms can make a perfect display. Remember to plant them in areas with full sun or light shade with moist and well-drained soil. 


In planning to create your garden, you might need to consider many things. However, it is also essential that you do it with much excitement and willingness to learn. Remember that the plant you’ll grow is more than just a beauty. But try to as well as appreciate the positive things they may bring into your life. Make your life healthier and more refreshing with the blooms of nature

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