22 villages face flood threat in East Godavari

This monsoon has caused flood-like conditions in different parts of the country. In some places like Assam, situations are awful, the flood has caused severe devastation. The regions which are close to the bank of the East Godavari river is on a high alert.

The increased water level has rendered 22 villages succumbed in water. Normally Andra Pradesh is not prone to flood, but the heavy rain in the region has inundated several villages.

The fishermen of the state are strictly advised to not to set out for fishing in the ocean as the waves are expected to reach a height of 2.5 to 4.

What the local administration has to say:


The local administration has assured the people that they are doing their level best to effect the rescue operation. They will initiate the evacuation procedures in case the water level rises any further.

East Godavari district joint collector Lakshmisha on asking told the media over the phone that situation is under their control at present after the sudden increase in the water level.

To everyone’s relief the rain has stopped as of now, but as per the Andhra state metrological department, there is a warning of heavy rain till 5th of August.

Release of water from the Dowleswaram Barrage in Rajahmundry

The opening of the gates of the Dowleswaram Barrage in Rajahmundry has added to the water level reaching towards the villages, the sudden opening of the gates which were unable to hold the water any longer, have increased the flow of water downtown towards the villages. Looking towards the stats, About 2.30 lakh cusecs of water was being discharged from Almatti in Karnataka while 1.87 lakh cusecs were discharged from downstream Jurala into Srisailam.

As of now, the situations are under control and the local authorities are well-equipped to counter any incoming dander.

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