2.0 China Collection – Total Box Office Collections | Failed Miserably In China

2.0 is a standalone sequel to the movie Robot (Enthiran). Starring Rajanikanth and Akshay Kumar in the lead roles and was running in China for a week now. Despite being the most expensive movie ever made in India, it is failing in China.
The movie only got an average response even in India last year. The movie released in China only after one year of the initial release in India. Usually, any Bollywood movie gets a huge response from the Chinese market in initial days. Yet, Robo 2.0 only got 1.36 million or Rs 9.71 cr on day one. And the days that came after that was even worse, marking a downward spiral in collection records. 
2.0 China Collection - Total Box Office Collections | Failed Miserably In China
On the first six days of the release in China, it accumulated only Rs. 21.43 cr. This pitiable collection which is not even enough to save the money spent for release. The movie is getting removed from theatres. 

2.0 Day-wise China Box office Collections

  • Day 1: Rs. 9.71 cr
  • Day 2: Rs. 5.36 cr
  • Day 3: Rs. 3.28 cr
  • Day 4: Rs. 1.07 cr
  • Day 5: Rs. 1.07 cr
  • Day 6: Rs. 0.71 cr

Total Collections: Rs, 21.44 Crores.

It was Kaabil a Bollywood movie starring Hrithik Roshan which got only 13.87 crore becoming the worst opening movie. The late release of the movie in the Chinese market, supernatural theme created in a sci-fi genre, lack of gripping storyline etc are the reasons for the failure of the movie in China. The movie faced huge criticism from the Indian audience too for its plot. The presence of highly reputed lead actors saved the movie in India. That cannot be expected in China.

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