2.0 China Collection – 2.0 China Box office Collections Hits A Dead End

2.0 China Collection: Robo 2.0 featuring South Indian Superstar Rajinikanth and Bollywood hero Akshay Kumar. With Shankar as director released in China for a week now. The film released in India for over a year ago. Being the most expensive movie ever made in India. The collections of the movie were not as good as anticipated. It faced a lot of criticism in Indian Market also. The presence of popular actors saved the movie in India.
In China, none of the factors mentioned above can do magic. A gripping story is very necessary for success. Robo 2.0 is a Sci-fi movie which diverted to a supernatural story which disregards science. Another reason for the failure in China could be the release delay. It took almost a year for the team to release it in China. Already most of the people could have watched the movie in English or other languages online.

2.0 China Collection:

Many reliable sources report that the movie managed to gather Rs. 21.43 Crores in the Chinese box office. Yet it is very negligible amount compared to the immense collection other Indian movies get in China.

Day-wise Collection of 2.0

  • Day 1: Rs. 9.71 cr
  • Day 2: Rs. 5.36 cr
  • Day 3: Rs. 3.28 cr
  • Day 4: Rs. 1.07 cr
  • Day 5: Rs. 1.07 cr
  • Day 6: Rs. 0.71 cr

Total Collections: Rs, 21.44 Crores.

The movie only completed a whole week today and it is painful to see the collection in a dead end. From the looks of it, the movie is not going to be able to gather even the release expenses in China.

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