13 Reasons Why Season 5 Release Date, Plot and Cast


13 Reasons Why Season 5 Updates: 13 reasons why it is a drama series released in 2017. This series is based on the lives of teenagers, which turned out to be a great hit, receiving massive Love from the audience because of the great content. Research has found that the audience of 13 reasons why have reviewed that some of the seasons were well-liked, but others were not.

The story of 13 reasons why is a dual narration of Hannah and Clay, where they narrate that how Newcomer Katherine Langford, played the role of Hannah, takes her own life, and then two weeks later her tragic death, a mysterious box was found by her classmate and also lover, named Clay on his porch. The box contained recordings of 13 reasons why she committed suicide, and lots of things were revealed.

The season of 13 reasons why it doesn’t have its season 5, and we will discuss why the series doesn’t have its fifth season, despite fans’ wait. Before we start, the story should be known by the readers.

Here we have the rating of every season of 13 reasons why based on the IMDB ratings and the audience reviews. What can be better than audience review? Isn’t it?

In the season of 13 reasons why the first season is rated as the best, famous, and most acceptable among the all according to Rotten Tomatoes and an audience score of 80 percent. The IMDB top rated the two episodes as the top-rated from season 1. Episode 13 and episode 11 from season 1 got 9.2/10 and 9.1/10, respectively.

In this first season, the character named Clay Jensen received a mysterious box on his porch.

All About 13 Reasons Why Season 5

13 Reasons Why Season 5
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In the second season, we get to see that the classmates of Hannah and Clay discovered some horrific truth about her death in the recordings. Also, after her death, the treatment and recovery of other characters’ tragedies were shown in this season. Again, a different viewpoint was shared.

Liberty High was about to go on a trail, but someone seemed to stop it from happening. And Also, Tyler was constantly being harassed in the bathroom, which left Tyler on the floor sobbing.

The third episode is less prevalent; here, the story shows the mysterious killing of Bryce Walker, the same one who did hideous things with his girlfriend and Hannah. Also, the character Bryce Walker’s character was focused on this season.

Also, Clay’s love interest, Ani, was featured.

Zach, Jessica, Tony, Justin, Clay, Alex supported Tyler to have progressed towards healing and discovered ways to cover up with each other.

The fourth season was also good, where the story ends, showing how the high school students come across a life-impacting truth before completing the final year. It shows Monty to be innocent of Bryce’s murder after the entry of Diego and Winston.

The show 13 reasons didn’t bring in the fifth season, as Brian Yorkey, the showstopper wanted to keep the high school story until high school and not extend it further.


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