10 things I wish I had known before betting on sports in India

Sometimes, you start something with great enthusiasm, but soon you come across a situation where you say “I wish I knew this beforehand”. This also applies to sports betting and having some basic knowledge before starting to play on a sportsbook such as Paripesa India will make it a much more enjoyable and rewarding experience. This has always been the case for me, and I believe the same will be true for other bettors. Therefore, I list below the ten most important things you need to know before starting sports betting in India.

1. The difference between skill-based and luck-based gambling

I used to think that legal betting in India was quite limited, but that wasn’t the case. The Supreme Court of India allows betting on sports that are considered “skill-based”. In this context, for example, horse racing is considered skill-based, and it can be the subject of legal betting anywhere in the country. Not every sport is covered (for example, cricket counts as luck-based), but the number of sports I could legally bet on was greater than I had anticipated.

2. Some states actually offer legal sports betting

I learned quite late that some states in India actually offer legal betting services without any restrictions. This is a country made up of states, and some states have made all forms of gambling (online and offline) legal. So, for example, an online sportsbook can offer legal betting services for any sport, as long as it’s located in a certain region. The states that have made gambling completely legal in India are Goa, Sikkim, and Daman.

3. Some sports are more popular than others

Like any better, I like to bet on popular sports and most of my portfolio consists of football, basketball, and tennis. However, I realized that if I changed my habits and expectations, I could have more betting opportunities for sports that are considered “exotic” in other countries. Among the most popular sports in India are the following and it is possible to find much more competitive odds for them:

  • Cricket
  • Kabaddi
  • Field Hockey
  • Horse Racing

4. The welcome bonus is more important than you think

I didn’t take advantage of the welcome bonus when creating my sportsbook account, as I didn’t want to deal with wagering requirements. But that was a mistake: if I had taken advantage of a free bet bonus, I could have placed a real bet without having to use my bankroll. Moreover, it would not be difficult to complete the wagering requirements, as I already continue to place bets. Don’t make the same mistake and take advantage of the welcome package.

5. Checking for the best odds is crucial

When I started betting, I selected a single sportsbook and used it for all matches/events. Unfortunately, this was a mistake because my bookmaker could only give me satisfactory odds for certain events. For some of the matches and leagues I followed, the odds were well below the industry average. I’ve opened accounts with three other bookmakers and now I make sure to check which one offers the best odds before placing a bet: I recommend you do the same.

6. The right payment method makes all the difference

When I wanted to withdraw my winnings to my bank account, sometimes I had to wait for days. I later learned that this was due to the characteristics of the banking system and that I could make the process much faster with different payment methods. I now use electronic wallets for withdrawals and the entire transaction is completed within a maximum of 24 hours.

7. Offshore sportsbooks are much better

Legal betting opportunities in India were more than I anticipated, but that doesn’t mean they were satisfactory. This industry is still in its early stages in India, and the quality & variety of service offered is incomparable to international operators. There is no specific law prohibiting me from playing on offshore sportsbooks: therefore, I prefer reputable and global brands. In this way, I can get a much more satisfactory service.

8. Legal betting is not limited to India

Playing at offshore operators does not mean that I am doing an “illegal” thing. By choosing licensed sportsbooks, I can still get a legal and reliable service. In this context, I prefer licenses with a certain reputation and credibility in the industry: Malta Gaming Authority and Curacao eGaming licenses are the best options for Indian bettors. I can get both legal and reliable experience at sportsbooks with these licenses.

9. Live betting can be extremely profitable

For a long time, I preferred to place my bets before the matches and leagues started, but I realized that this was not that profitable. By betting live, I can take advantage of dynamic odds and increase my winning potential a lot. All I have to do is follow the match carefully and analyze the instant offers correctly: live betting gives me a lot more money.

10. You can’t rely only on your luck

I used to think that it only took luck to win a bet, but I realized that this was the wrong approach. As with everything else in life, you can’t just rely on chance: you have to do your research. Browsing data on the past performance of a team or player allows you to make much more consistent predictions. Don’t just rely on your luck.

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