10 Best Headphone Brands


Discover the best headphone brands that are picked by us. In this article, you will get the headphones manufactured by the best headphone companies. These headphones have been designed for the mass markets. You can get the headphone brands according to your desire.

  1. Redmi Buds Wireless

Use the wireless Redmi buds and enjoy its top audio quality. You can charge the headphone for 10 minutes. The device is ready for use for 1.5 hours. It is a lightweight product of 31 grams. The Redmi buds come with a sleek designing feature that easily grabs the attention of the customers. The price of this headphone brand is Rs. 1499. It has an 11.2 mm dynamic driver.

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2. JBI Earphones

JBI earphones are the best headphone brands for android and iOS operating systems. With the help of the microphone feature, you can listen to music and make calls using these headphones. JBI earphones are of small size and white-colored. The driver installed in it is 3.5mm dynamic. You can charge them for 2 to 3 hours and use it for up to 10 hours. The price of the JBI earphone is Rs. 179 and it is available on the offline and online marketplace. 

3. AKG Earphones 

There is a detachable installed in AKG earphones. With the buttons facility available in it, you can make adjustments while enjoys your favorite music and making calls. This headphone device has manufactured using Faux leather. A wireless driver is available in AKG earphones. It supports a wireless range of up to 10m. You can find a dynamic driver in this best headphone brand. On the online and offline platforms, AKG earphones price is Rs. 2199. 

4. Samsung Earphones 

Samsung is among the most trusted brand that manufactures the best headphones. The Samsung O Bluetooth Device has a unique neckband design comfortable to use for a long. With the best quality transmission features in it, you can enjoy music and call anyone easily. You can buy this Samsung earphone for Rs. 3000. It works well on the wireless range of 10m to 12m. 

5. Apple Earphone 

Apple’s Airpod Pro headphones are popular among the people who want the best quality device. In Apple’s headphones, you get the noiseless technology and its cost is $249. This headphone is designed in a closed acoustic form. It supports a wireless range of 10ft-30ft. Airpod Pro is an improved version of Airpod. The company worked on it to provide the best sound quality and design features. 

6. Sennheiser Earphone 

Sennheiser has developed 6 grams lightweight headphones. There is a 7 mm dynamic jack in it. It functions in the wireless range of 30 ft. On the online and offline marketplace, this product price is Rs. 24000. There is a satisfactory battery backup of 28 hours in the charging case and 7 hours on-board is available in the Sennheiser device. You would not have to suffer from battery issues while using this headphone. Therefore, this headphone is the best option for music lovers. 

7. Mivi Earphones 

Mivi earphone functions on Bluetooth 5.0. With 30 minutes of quick charging, you can use Mivi headphones for 8 hours. Mivi brand headphone cost is Rs. 1399. This product is available online in four trendy colors green, grey, red, and blue. You can experience the original sound along with the clear lows and powerful highs of the music. You can charge it for 30 minutes and get the playtime up to 8 to 10 hours. It works out best in the wireless range of 30 ft. 

8. Sony Wireless Earphones 

In the Sony headphones, there is an inbuilt mic available. The mic is useful for making calls. Use the Google Assistant to start your favorite music. The extra bass feature is best for music lovers. It has a sleek design that weighs 21 grams. Sony Wireless headphone cost is Rs. Rs. 2780. 

9. Boult Earphones 

You can purchase the Boult headphones to get an advantage of their supportive sleek neckband design. It works on the V5.0 Bluetooth technology. Other features included by the company in this device are voice command, waterproof technology, extra bass, and magnetic drivers. Boult earphones support a wireless range of around 20m. Its battery life is of 15 hours playtime. To buy Boult earphones, you have to spend Rs. 1299. 

10. Philips Earphones 

Philips headphone comes with the rubberized neckband design. There is a dynamic driver of 9 mm. In the quick charge of 30 minutes to 40 minutes, you can use this headphone for 11 hours. The product’s weight is 24 grams. For a better sound experience, the Philips Company improved the noise isolation and dynamic bass features. You can control the functioning with the wireless control available in it.

Wrapping Up 

You can use the top 10 headphone brand lists for the next time you go shopping to get headphones. All the best choices are available here for you. You can choose from the headphone brand list and then buy. For the people who want budget-friendly devices then you can refer to the best headphone brands list. You will get the headphones with top sound quality, battery, and bass in your budget


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